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Good ‘ole home training

August 09 2011

I’ve been quiet for a while, but I’m still here. Just thought I’d drop a line and say hey to you guys.

I’m back stateside – if only for 10 more days – and it has been good for me. I’ve had an opportunity to spend some time with the family, I’ve had some home cooking, and I’ve enjoyed every last minute of it. And, yes I’ve cheated a little bit. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had some smothered pork chops, rice and gravy once or twice…but all in all, I’ve been a good boy.

Most importantly, I’ve had some good home training. Bottom line: there’s nothing like being on the track with my coach standing beside me holding the clock. These last few days have really helped re-energize me, and I’m ready to go back over. You can only build up so much anticipation. After a while, it is time to do work. You want to get to business and make things happen, and that’s where I am right now.

I’m ready to bust through these rounds and bring home some hardware. I’m generally a silly, easy-going guy (or at least I’d like to think so), and none of that has or will change, but I’ve just got a little more growl in me right now. I’ve worked harder this past year than I’ve probably ever worked in my career, and I’m eager to see that pay off. And while we’re talking about hard work, we might as well talk about this HEAT that I’m dealing with. LOL. Bet y’all weren’t expecting that, huh?

Real talk though…this heat is ridiculous…it is H-A-W-T, and I’m out in it. 108 degrees just doesn’t seem fair. It isn’t fair to me. It isn’t fair to the dead grass on my lawn, and it isn’t fair to my deodorant. I feel like my deodorant does not have a chance to be successful. I walk outside, count to two and I sweat. Not fair. I’m just saying. We’ve now hit 38 consecutive days of temperatures at or above 100 degrees, and I don’t know about you, but heat records aren’t the type of records I’m interested in breaking. A friend of mine’s mom told me on Twitter that it’s hotter than young love. LMBO! That’s probably the BEST description I’ve heard so far. If you’ve got something better than that, let me know!

Anyway, I’m done with my rant. Y’all holler at me on Twitter and Facebook.