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September 02 2011

8th place Olympic final 2008

Dropped the stick in the 4x100m Olympic games 2008

8th place 100m World Champs 2009

DQ’d 4x100m World Champs 2009

but…5th place in a semifinal at World Champs?

This is the first time that I have ever  not made a final. And as an American sprinter, I feel like making the final is something that I am supposed to do. I expect people to have that expectation, and I expect for me to execute on that expectation. I always have and always will. So for me to fall short is an insult to the people who watch and listen and cheer for the USA, and it is a disappointment to the sprinters who have come before me. When was the last time you saw only one American in a sprints final at a major international meet? That’s my point. You probably can’t remember because it probably has not happened.

So where do I go from here? I’ve had a couple of thoughts. I’ve asked myself why I’m still here doing this track and field thing. Maybe I should just stop. Why even bother continuing to open myself up to the potential of failure? Why drag the people who love and support me through that kind of rollercoaster? Why put myself through that kind of rollercoaster?

And then I got a ping on my blackberry messenger:

“Colossians 1:17 – In Him all things hold together. ‘Jesus, I believe that you are above all things. Fill me with faith so that even if everything around me is shaking, you hold me secure’.”

My circumstances do not and will not define me. What makes good athletes great is how they bounce back. Their greatness is a measure of their resiliency. Their greatness is in their determination and commitment to never giving up. I’m committed to greatness. This isn’t my legacy, and it isn’t all she wrote for me. Disappointing, yes. The end. Absolutely not. Will folks doubt me? Some already do. Do I care? Not really. Am I committed? You can bet on it.

  • Dgs0303

    Doc thanks for sharing. Now pick your head up and get busy. We do this for the competition and possibilities. Your spirit and energy is not taken for granted by those around you. You’re a huge example to your colleagues and teammates and friends of what this is life is supposed to look like and act like.
    Keep your expectations high and come back and do it again. Thank you sir!

  • Anthony

    I am happiest when outside working out: track, field, or XC, God has blessed me with many beautiful places to run, and blessed me with the ability to do all these things. Running on a summer evening under a glorious sunset is something to experience. You can’t really describe it nor can you take a picture of it: you have to be in the moment.
    God has blessed you with a tremendous talent, and you have done your self, your school, and your country proud. You have had many wonderful experiences and will have many more. Track&Field is in your blood. Remember, it’s the sport of a lifetime!!! Yeah, it’s a little dissappointing not to make the final after all the hard work you put. But keep your head up, keep working hard, stay focussed, and strive for your goals!!!!!

  • Johnnycollins2

    Your the man D. Patton!

  • Charlesunot

    hi,my name is charles from kenya.i have ever loved watch you run in world championship,you reallyinspire me very much.i have a talent of athletics and have run good times in 800 and the 1500 but due to very high corruption am denied a chance to run to national trials but my prayer has always been that God will put me through.i do train by myself in a place called kijabe.i will kindly request you to be helping me with training programmes as you are more advance..blessings. is my email address

  • Lisa_rosborough

    Doc. Yes, you have to keep going on to the next phase. You’re hungrier than ever now. Matter of fact, you’re CRAVING to overcome. Your soul is thirsty! We’ve followed your story for years and we’re on this rollercoaster with you because we believe in you and Team USA. Most importantly, I know tons of youth, college and masters athletes (including myself), who have looked up to you and still do….especially now! You’re an inspiration to us all. You’re an example of what it means to be transparent, allowing us to know who YOU really are in good and not so good times. We can’t do anything but respect you for that. Thank you for encouraging me on the track when I first came to train with Jon Drummond in 2009. There were days when I thought I wasn’t going to make it but as I watched you and the others train as hard as you do, I said, “Hey! They’re not quitting and that’s why they’re the best at what they do. So I won’t quit either.” Until next time….keep lacing up those spikes!

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  • Noah Smith

    Hey bro, I just prayed for you. I’m thankful your love for God, outweighs everything else! That’s a real winner!

  • Poetasde43

    What a great response to write in your blog . Being a track mom I understand your drive . No weapon form against you shall prosper…

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