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Been MIA. I’m back.

December 12 2011

What’s up good people? I know I’ve been missing in action for a month or so. My bad. The last few months have been kind of tough for me and the family. Of course all of you know about World Champs and my injury, but there’s more to the story than what meets the eye.

Shortly after I arrived in Daegu, my wife told me that she was pregnant. We had been “practicing” for a while, but the news was still a huge surprise to both of us, and it gave me a little more pep in my step. Those of you who have been blessed to have children know what that feeling feels like. There’s nothing like it. So, after the fall and all the crazy stuff that followed, I was still ok.

When the plane landed in Dallas – I walked out of the terminal and saw all of my family and friends standing there waiting for me. They were snapping pictures and holding signs and stuff. I saw my baby girl. And for the first time I saw my wife with her little belly. It was all good. I felt good.

Yall know I’ve always said that there is more to life than track and field…so to come home to my folks like that? And then, to know that I was gonna have another little one? That was awesome.

You can imagine, then, how our hearts were broken when we found out that the baby did not make it a few months later. We went for a routine appointment and there was no heartbeat. That moment? That silence? Man.

I’ve been through a lot – and yall have been through a lot of it with me – whether you follow me on TV or Twitter or on this blog…but this? This was brand new pain. It tested my resiliency. This was something that I’d never wish on my worst enemy. And it was awkward. You grieve for a child – a person – that you’ve never seen. A baby that you’ve never held or kissed. That was tough. And after the sting of finding out had stopped stinging so bad, we had to explain what happened to my little girl. Heavy, huh?

Now don’t feel bad for me. I’m not writing this for sympathy. I’m good now. We’re in a much better place. It’s just funny (not really) how life teaches you stuff when you pay attention. Things happen to us for a reason. We don’t understand the “why” of it all…but the “why” is not the point. I know that I’m a more faithful man, husband and father because of this. I am able to accept the things that I cannot control a little bit better now….and I appreciate every moment I have with my family that much more. All the petty stuff? That annoying ankle-biting stuff that doesn’t really matter…doesn’t really matter. This gave me new perspective.

I’d be lying through my teeth if I said that I liked growing and learning and maturing by going through trials and tribulations, relay debacles, and injuries, LOL! I’d much rather just get a Post-it Note…but I guess the lessons you learn are best learned (and remembered) through experience. Whoever said that knew what he (or she) was talking about.

Anyway. 2012 will be a new year, with new possibilities. I’ve been training hard. The shoulder is on the mend. Things are rolling along – and I’m back.

I hope yall will keep hanging with me for the ride – ups, downs, bumps, and all. LOL.

Now let’s get on this road to London.

  • mark

    Hey Doc,I am really sorry to hear about your family’s misfortune.I hope you are a closer and stronger unit, through it all.May 2012 be the best year of your professional life.

  • Andrew Cox

    Glad to hear you’re going strong through life’s difficult circumstances. Definitely wish you well and I know this adversity will make you stronger and more appreciative of the new heights you’ll be reaching in 2012!

  • Anthony Boerio

    Wishing you all the best in 2012 🙂

  • Truejewel7

    Wow….you all are an amazing family. Keep up the good work and the Lord will continue to bless you through and through. Losing a child is a hard thing to deal with and I know you both have become stronger…..again I am wishing all the best for you both……m.wineberg

  • Ajburdine

    just keep god first & the rest will workout for you Doc….wishing u & the fam the best & i knw u will be back n back in style