An open letter

August 12 2012

If you never once in your life believed that God can answer prayers, I’m telling you He can. And if there’s any doubt in your heart that perseverance pays, just look at my “check.” If I’m proud of anything – and I’m bursting at the seams right now – I’m most proud that my failures … More

Patton leaves failures in the dust

August 10 2012

LONDON — It took a fraction more than 37 seconds to change so much for Darvis Patton. Good fortune at long last descended on the 34-year-old with the star-crossed past. The U.S. 400-meter relay team set an American record while qualifying first with a 37.38-second time. Patton ran the second leg, and he got the … More

Dallas’ Patton helps set American record in 4×100 qualifying

August 10 2012

Dallas Doc Patton is rid of the relay demons. Patton, running second in the U.S. 4×100 meter relay in qualifying tonight, got through two clean exchanges. Oh, and was part of setting an American record, too. The time of 37.38 also topped Jamaica’s relay by .01. Patton had been involved with relay mishaps in the … More

Where to Watch

August 09 2012

2012 LONDON OLYMPICS: MEN’S 4x100m RELAY Heat Schedule (Central Time) Friday, August 10 – Heats 1:05PM: T&F LIVE online streaming begins 1:45PM: T&F LIVE online streaming – Men’s 4x100m heats 2-2:30PM: T&F LIVE: Your local NBC affiliate 7-11PM T&F: Your local NBC affiliate Click here to watch live streaming video of the heats online, or download … More

Congratulations Darvis Doc Patton

August 07 2012

Primrose School of Grand Peninsula is so proud of our own Darvis “Doc” Patton for all of his hard work and training that has earned him a spot on our US Olympic Track & Field Relay team.  His very proud and smart daughter has been at our school for the last two years and will proudly … More

Like it or not, Doc Patton is running for redemption

August 06 2012

LONDON — It is, Doc Patton testifies, the worst sound imaginable. “Ping! Ping! Ping!” the relay baton mocks as it hits the ground. Not even 80,000 screaming fans can mask the excruciating sound for a runner who has missed the relay exchange. “Put it like this: It hardly ever happens at practice, but if it … More