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Cheats, consequences, memories and moving on…

May 08 2014

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I have an opinion on cheating. It has affected me both personally and professionally on more than one occasion, and I’ve blogged about it in the past. And what you’re about to read is essentially the conversation that plays in my head every time a new doping scandal emerges. … More

Spikes off…

November 18 2013

I’m used to sprinting, so I’ll keep this one short. After 13 years, on the track, I’m taking my spikes off. It’s time to shut it down. I can’t say that my last year on the circuit played out the way I wanted it to, but I am proud of my journey. My career has … More

An open letter

August 12 2012

If you never once in your life believed that God can answer prayers, I’m telling you He can. And if there’s any doubt in your heart that perseverance pays, just look at my “check.” If I’m proud of anything – and I’m bursting at the seams right now – I’m most proud that my failures … More

Salty for a second

April 23 2012

Folks call me the dark horse. The underdog. I’ve even been called a has-been.  I get it. I’m 238 years old in dog years, and some folks find it hard to believe that I’m still kicking. It’s kinda funny, and in this business, you have to know the difference between the battles you fight and … More

Been MIA. I’m back.

December 12 2011

What’s up good people? I know I’ve been missing in action for a month or so. My bad. The last few months have been kind of tough for me and the family. Of course all of you know about World Champs and my injury, but there’s more to the story than what meets the eye. … More

That just happened. Again.

September 05 2011

8th place Olympic final 2008 Dropped the stick in the 4x100m Olympic games 2008 8th place 100m World Champs 2009 DQ’d 4x100m World Champs 2009 5th place in a semifinal at World Champs 2011 DNF in the 4x100m World Champs 2011 Separated collarbone. Out for the rest of the season I thought I was upset … More

This one burns.

September 02 2011

8th place Olympic final 2008 Dropped the stick in the 4x100m Olympic games 2008 8th place 100m World Champs 2009 DQ’d 4x100m World Champs 2009 but…5th place in a semifinal at World Champs? This is the first time that I have ever  not made a final. And as an American sprinter, I feel like making … More

Champs broadcast & competition schedule

August 27 2011

Many of you have asked about competition dates, times, and broadcasts. I compete in the 200m on September 2-3. Here’s a cheat sheet to everything you need to know about the championships. Thanks in advance for your support and prayers. Schedule NOTE: Competition times are 14 hours ahead of CT Live Video Stream NOTE: … More

Good ‘ole home training

August 09 2011

I’ve been quiet for a while, but I’m still here. Just thought I’d drop a line and say hey to you guys. I’m back stateside – if only for 10 more days – and it has been good for me. I’ve had an opportunity to spend some time with the family, I’ve had some home … More

Addressing the elephant in the room: The US men’s 4x100m relay

July 15 2011

Welp, I made it to Lignano, Italy. I won’t say that I made it here safely…but I’m here, and so are all of my body parts. I’ll spare you the details about the cabbie who fell asleep at the wheel (while drive 130km/hr) on the way to the airport. I think yall have heard enough of … More